Our programmes

Our programmes


Many students find Maths challenging and doubt their ability to succeed in this subject. As part of our educational philosophy we use pedagogical techniques to build our pupils’ confidence and introduce them to methods which will develop their skills of mathematical problem solving.

The KS Maths programme leads our students from the very basics of counting to calculus and beyond, all without the use of calculators. Each level of the maths programme builds incrementally on the skills developed in the previous level, ensuring a solid understanding and ability to put learning into practice.



Fluent communication in English language is an essential for access to higher education and successful career. The KS English programme progresses from basic word and sentence building and culminates in critiquing advanced texts. Each student starts at their own, individually set, starting point which will be established during their free assessment.

We also offer specialist tuition in English Literature and our programmes aim to develop each student’s ability to read and understand a variety of texts, and to nurture a life-long habit of reading for education and enjoyment. In addition to examination success.



Our modern society is ever more dominated by science and technology and it is essential that we all have a fundamental understanding of this vital area. Not only do we need to understand the basic laws of the natural sciences and technological applications but in doing so develop our skills of investigation, information gathering, analysis and evaluation. Our science programme encourages our pupils to acquire a genuine excitement with the dynamism of the natural world and to confront its problems and potential.


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How does KS Tuition work?

◆  The cultivation of a love of learning

◆  Highly motivated and inspiring tutors

◆  A stimulating learning environment

◆  The development of personal and academic confidence

◆  Clear and simple fee structure


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